We depend on plastic and now we are drowning in it. A plastic bottle dumped into nature will take many centuries to decompose. The accumulation of plastic waste in the environment cause pollution which have harmful effects not only on the land and rivers by affecting wildlife and habitat, but also on human health. Scientists keep working  to find solutions to reduce and replace plastic for green environment and we-VinaStraws is pround to contribute by studying and producing eco-friendly disposable goods.

Our first step is a rice straw made from 100% clean sources like rice and other grains, not only to replace traditional plastic straws, but you could also eat without worrying about health or the environment. Straws were once dismissed as harmless fun. Now, they are viewed as one of the great threats to the planet. It’s not the straw itself that is bad but the plastic used to make it. In fact, it’s estimated that of the 8m tonnes of plastic dumped in the ocean each year, 4% of that comes from straws.

Next to straws, we will continuously expand our research to produce non-plastic products ensuring a sustainable future for the earth. As a company, we are committed to aligning our survival with the future of the green environment of the earth and the future of our business direction of only sourcing Green products.

We have only one planet, and right now we need to work together to protect it. Small action can make huge difference,  No one expect our planet drown in plastic waste and VinaStraws will only produce and sell eco-friendly products in the future. This is our commitment.

Welcome to join with us!