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BUNKOZA® Special Edition Gold / Rose Gold Eco Straws with 100% Natural Wool Eco Straw Cleaner and Eco Pouch BUNKOZA® Special Edition

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Brand: Vietnam


Pink / White paper drinking straw 200mm x 6mm packed in retail hang sell bags with barcode. Our Paper Straws have now been sold in Australia since 2013, tried and tested for quality and usability. A real 3-ply Food Grade Kraft Paper Straw, making the straw last well in a drink, and hold its shape, as one of the best on the market.

With no waxes, and only 0.6% food grade glue to make the straw, this meets the required standards of EN13432 that glue must be less than 1%. As a paper straw is made up of natural cellulose fibres it can be universally considered compostable and biodegradable. We have lab tests results meeting a PASS for Council of Europe Resolution AP (2002) test for Heavy Metals and Chemicals (list can be provided) and also to FDA standards. Our paper straws are made in a factory holding BSCI certification, and are made to the highest standard including UV pasteurized before final packing. Our Paper straws hold up in all beverages, but do not quite last as long in a high acidic juice or smoothie.


PASS for Council of Europe Resoltion AP (2002) test for Heavy Metals and Chemicals;

USA and EU FDA approvals For Paper Products coming into contact with Food;

Special Edition Gold  Bunkoza® Eco Straws – Top Class Quality

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