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Understanding plastic pollution to save the Earth

Friday, 19/04/2019

Plastic straws is a nightmare that destroys the marine environment. Statistics show that about 500 million straws are used every day in the United States, and most of them are not recycled but are thrown straight down, causing water pollution and killing marine life. This is just the number of American, so imagine how many straws the world uses in a day? It will be a terrible number that we do not dare to think about. If this situation continues, within the next 30 years, the number of straws will be more than fish in the sea.

Unfortunately, the plastic straws are harmful, but recycling it is not easy. “Plastic straws and other items smaller than two inches, such as plastic utensils, fall through our recycling," says Jonathan Kuhl of the Washington, D.C., Department of Public Works. The same is true for most other recycling plants around the world. So where are most used plastic straws? Sadly, some lie for centuries in the landfill and a large number are in our oceans, and that’s all due to human.

We only have one planet, and being the custodian of this earth, we have to make a right choice.

Join us to save the Earth.

Plastic straws are causing a great threat to the survival of marine life. When dropped into the ocean, plastic straws are not compostable or biodegradable, they are broken into tiny pieces known as “microplastics". Scientists at UGA New Materials Institute conducted a study and found that there are smaller particles than dust in marine turtles. According to this study, 100% of the turtles were found to eat plastic. These turtles are likely to die of plastic pollution, which threatens the life of the species.

The best way to decrease plastic straw’s affect on the environment is that we do not use it anymore.

However, easier said than done, the convenience of plastic straws for human’s daily life is undeniable. We use them every day when eating at a restaurant or drinking at a cafe. So what is the solution? If you like to use straws, rice straws are a perfect substitute for plastic straws. Rice straws are made entirely of safe ingredients such as rice and other grains, are completely eco- friendly and you can completely eat them without worrying about your health. They are compostable , reusable drinking straws that are best fit to our ecology.

We only have one planet, and being the custodian of this earth, we have to make a right choice.

Join us to save the Earth.